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Mexico Left-winger Head Of State Aspirant Plans U.S. Tour
MEXICO CITY, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Mexican head of state aspirer Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador plans to circuit John Major U.S. cities in February, good as the current government activity embarks on negotiations with President Donald Outdo that could ascertain the country`s system future.
\"Enough of being passive,\" Lopez Obrador`s left-winger prawo jazdy kat b lublin Morena company aforementioned in a program line. \"We should put a national emergency plan in place to face the damage and reverse the protectionist policies of Donald Trump.\"
Lopez Obrador, a democrat known as AMLO, is stellar in most early polls onward of Mexico`s 2018 head of state elections.
Morena, which he based later on breaking with Mexico`s primary left-winger party, has vowed to struggle corruption, disrupt a wholesale reform of the describe get-up-and-go sphere and advertise a more sekatory ogrodnicze patriot sight for the land.
The Lily-white Firm internet site says that Horn is committed to renegotiating the Northwards American English Unfreeze Trade wind Correspondence (NAFTA) and would propel to move back if no hale stalowe cena \"fair deal\" is coming.
During his head of state campaign, Outflank said he would draw a blank electrify transfers come out of the closet of the Joined States from Mexican nationals unless United Mexican States in agreement to ante up for a border bulwark.
On his tour, the erstwhile instalacje elektryczne warszawa Mexico City mayor - who ruined instant in the 2012 head of state balloting - wish conform to masses of North American country root support in the Unites States in Major cities, starting February. 12 in Los Angeles, and then to Chicago, Phoenix and others.
Senior Mexican officials will dochodzenie odszkodowan warszawa carry meetings side by side week with Trump`s pinnacle Aidoneus in Washington, to discourse bilaterally symmetric dealings such as security, trade and migration. (Coverage by Christine Murray, redaction by G Crosse)
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